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John Deere India Receives BS-V Certification for Engine

John Deere India is the domestic subsidiary of the world's largest manufacturer of tractors and CE vehicles.

Mumbai: Pune-based John Deere India has received the BS-V certification for its 3029 EWX engine, more than four years ahead of the implementation of the new emission norms for tractors and construction equipment vehicles.

John Deere India is the domestic subsidiary of the world's largest manufacturer of tractors and CE vehicles.

"We have received the BS-V certification for our 3029 EWX engine from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). We have been able to obtain it much ahead of April 2024 deadline for meeting the BS V emission norms for the vehicles in the segment," John Deere India director for Public Affairs Mukul Varshney told.

The BS-V certification received on Monday is the first in the country for road construction equipment that John Deere manufacture in India, he said.

India (ARAI) is the automotive testing body, affiliated to the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

John Deere manufactures tractors, harvester, and road construction equipment in India. Besides, it also produces engines in the 33-80HP range. Its current engine production capacity is around one-lakh per annum.

The domestically-developed 3029 EWX engine is expected to be rolled out in the Indian market by later this year, he said.

"We continue to innovate and produce products that reduce carbon footprint. This range of engines are reliable, highly durable, meet emission norms and come with high-end features matching the global standards," John Deere India Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Shailendra Jagtap, later said in a statement.

The BS (CEV/Trem-Tractor emission) V standards, starting from April 1, 2024, cover a wider range of engines, including those smaller than 8 kW and those larger than 560 kW, and introduce PN (particulate number) limits for those engines with rated power between 19 and 560 kW.


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