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Escorts tractor sales grows 18% in February 2020

Exports of the company increased by 71.4 percent

New Delhi: Escorts tractors have announced on Monday that it sold 8,601 units in total in February 2020, up 18 percent from 7,240 units registered in February 2019.

In the domestic market, the company has sold 8,049 units in February 2020, up 16.3 percent from 6,918 units recorded in the same month of 2019.

Exports for the company increased by 71.4 percent with 552 units registered last month, compared to 322 units registered in the same month a year ago.

In between April-February FY2020 period, the tractor manufacturer has sold 80,574 units cumulatively, down 4.7 percent from 84,507 units recorded in the same period of FY19.

Domestic sales during the first eleven months of current fiscal have dropped 5.9 percent to 77,024 units, compared to 81,892 units recorded in the same period of FY19. The company exported 3,550 units in the same period, up 35.8 percent from 2,615 units registered during the April-February period of FY19.

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Source: Economic Times

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