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Winterization is the process of preparing for winter. Everything in our lives needs to be prepared for winters, even our bodies, and all other equipment in our house. Though most of the farmers are ready to park much of their farm equipment for a few months, they must remember that spring will be here quickly and the equipment must be ready to go and should be in usable condition. The care they provide to their machinery, such as proper cleaning, maintenance, and storage not only increases equipment reliability and performance, it can also improve resale value.

The following winter storage suggestions come from various resources:

  • Be sure to change the oil and perform regular service.
  • Clean or replace air filters, replace fuel filters and lubricate bearings and joints to maximize the life and efficiency of your machinery.
  • Check antifreeze for correct freezing temperature. Remember that antifreeze, like engine oil, has a lifespan.
  •  Inflate tires to recommended pressure to reduce sidewall damage.
  • Before storing tillage implements remove soil and apply appropriate rust preventive material, then store with soil engaging components raised or on blocks to prevent rust.
  • Hydraulic cylinders should not be stored fully extended. If temperatures increase, hydraulic oil will be confined and high pressure may cause damage to the hydraulic system.
  • Be sure all grain and plant material left in the grain tank and augers is removed. This will reduce rusting and mice attacks.
  • Balers need to have any partial bales and all plant material removed to minimize rusting. Follow the operator's manual for instructions on reducing pressure on baler belts or other components.

Compressed air is a great way to clean hard to reach places and maybe a better choice than water. When water is needed to clean surfaces, use only moderate pressure and mild soap. Cleaning farm equipment with a power washer is good for removing dust and soil from farm equipment.

Repaint worn surfaces with spray paint to protect from corrosion. Proper battery storage can protect batteries from deterioration. Even a small current drain can eventually discharge batteries and cause them to freeze in cold weather. Clean all connections and coat terminals with a thin layer of grease to prevent corrosion.

All these measures will keep your farm equipment in a good and usable condition. And hence the farmers can use their equipment soon after the winter season without any problem. It will increase their life and also their resale value.


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