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Technology Trends in Farming

    Technology Trends in Farming

Technology Trends in Farming

Technology Trends in Farming

Technology plays a vital role in every sphere of the world and farming is also very much influenced by this rapidly changing technology. The intervention of technology in farming should be sustainable then only it will result in our advanced and fruitful growth. The modernization of agriculture has enabled us to upsurge the production output as well as it has reduced the hardships of a farmer to some extent.

So, here we will discuss the latest and trending technologies in farming.

1.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The significant losses in the agriculture domain happen due to weather calamities and improper monitoring. The AI-related automation and innovative monitoring devices have helped us to monitor and give very prominent reports on environmental conditions and overall growth. The devices have improved the methods of various agricultural tasks.


2.Harvest Strategy

The supply chain management of any organization only decides its growth rate because it gives us information regarding the demand and then we produce accordingly. In the case of Farming, there are no such speculations before sowing and therefore, Microsoft is developing a tool for farmers to track the total number of food orders so that a farmer should have an idea about the quantity which will save him from unwanted wastage. Moreover, the tools will also help them to know customer transactions, weather conditions, growth data, etc.


3. Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming is one of the most fascinating types of farming that is adopted a lot in the urban area. Companies like AeroFarms and Bowery have done a lot of research experiments on this. AeroFarms produce crops without sunlight. The moisture driven indoor farms provide all the basic nutrient requirements of the plants and once it becomes stable we can take the whole setup anywhere. The best part of this technique is that it protects the plants from adverse weather conditions and hence prevent loss.



Agritechture is a method which is a combination of agriculture, technology, and architecture. The accumulated and efficient use of all three will bring a behemoth change in your revenue. The smart plan and innovative techniques can shift the wind in your favor.


Food tracking technology

Food safety is a thing that most of us ignore but it can push us to deadly diseases like Covid-19. The pandemic is a lesson for all of us and also a chance to improvise ourselves in the matter of cleanliness. The food that is harvested goes through various stages of the supply chain and while passing every single stage the level of contamination increases. Therefore, the smart technology that uses genetic, molecular, or radioscopic tracking is able to trace the health of food crops and saves us from hazardous diseases.

Therefore, efficient use of technology saves our time, money, and health. It also increases the output of a farmer and enhances his standard of living but in the greed of profit, we should not use technology at the cost of the environment. There must be a proper balance in everything we do.



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