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"Horticulture is of great importance for the nation and farmers."

    "Horticulture is of great importance for the nation and farmers."

Horticulture is of great importance for the nation and farmers.

"Horticulture is of great importance for the nation and farmers."


Imagine going on a street full of beautiful flowers, breathing the fresh and fragrance full air and a plate full of nutritional food. Is it so much to ask for?

Flowers and fruits are a crucial part of one's lifestyle. Seeing from just a perspective of a common man we see only flowers and vegetables but we neglect the importance they hold in nature and in our life. And horticulture ensures that we can have their company and enjoy their benefits lifelong.


What is horticulture?

In simple terms, we can say horticulture is farming of fruits, flowers and vegetables. In horticulture, farmers produce, manage and develop those plants which are important from the point of view of beauty, nutrition and comfort like flowers (roses, orchids, tulip), fruit(grapes, banana, apple)and vegetables(broccoli, cabbage, capsicum).


What is the importance of horticulture?

● High Nutritional value:

The products of horticulture are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fibre and protein which makes them a perfect food option for a healthy lifestyle. And it can help us to solve India's biggest issue that is of Malnutrition.


● High Economic Value:

As it involves the production of some regional special fruits, flowers and vegetables whose demand is high in many other parts of the globe make them an appropriate candidate for export business which will result in high revenue. And that is the reason why horticulture revenue covers a decent part of our GDP.


● High creative value:

Everyone wants to pay a visit to the Miracle Garden of Dubai just because of its mesmerizing view and that is all because of the natural beauty of flowers. And that's why the aesthetic value of flowers makes them immensely precious.


● High Environmental value:

Flowers, fruits and vegetables help in the reduction of carbon footprint and keep the air clean. They also help in maintaining the healthy quality of the soil.


● High Industrial value:

The horticulture products are the basic ingredients in many industries like canning and processing. So to run them successfully a sufficient amount of horticulture products is necessary.


● Good source of employment:

As it belongs to that kind of work which needs labour support for almost a whole year, it's a source of living for many people in a country like India with such a huge population.


● Less input and high output:

It is quite better than other types of farming as in other one need a large area for farming, heavy and expensive equipment and a lot of hard work but then also the output is not up to the mark. And in horticulture, one can produce a triple amount of yields in the unit area as compared to crop farming and you only need basic equipment and good knowledge of horticulture.


Who should do horticulture?

Small and marginal farmers should do horticulture as it doesn't require that much investment and gives great profit so it is advisable that they should engage themselves in this.

We can clearly see that horticulture can turn out to be a nice option for many people out there but it just needs some more exposure to the people and for that only one thing we have to discover the unconventional way because the light is more bright in dark.




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