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"5 home-based farming practices which will let you earn a decent amount."

    "5 home-based farming practices which will let you earn a decent amount."

" home-based farming practices which will let you earn a decent amount."


Listening after the word 'farming' the first picture which comes to our mind is of large green lustrous fields but who has ever thought that we can do farming even in small spaces.

In these modern times when our lifestyle is changed completely upside-down, we have figured out many different farming practices which require almost zero investment compared to its output and profits. And the best part is that these farming practices are in trend and people are widely adopting these practices. So, let's just dive into them straight.



●        Mushroom farming:

This has now become known to most of the people. As the  Mushrooms are of high nutritional value so it would not be a tough job for one to search customers. Basically, there are three types of mushroom whose farming is popular in India: Button mushroom, Oyster mushroom and paddy straw mushroom. Among the three, the oyster mushroom is easiest to grow and needs an only investment of 25k(approx).


●        Microgreens farming:

The space issue is the topmost problem for anyone who wants to do farming. And if it's in your case too and you want to grow your own stalk of vegetables and legumes then the Microgreens farming is perfect for you. Microgreens is a term used to refer, the stage of a plant between a newly grown sprout and a seedling. You can just start with some trays and basic equipment. Basil, cabbage, spinach, lettuce are some of the microgreens that you can grow.



●        Honey Bee farming:

Honey bee farming or beekeeping almost mean the same. Bees are of great importance as they can help a farmer in pollination keeping in mind that 80% crop undergoes cross-pollination as a fact and bees also give us honey and beeswax. So bee farming comes with lots of side benefits. You should research all about bee culture before starting it. The estimated investment for setting up bee shelter and colony, etc will be Rs.2.30k and you can make a profit of Rs.1.70k yearly.


●        Snail farming:

Snails are one of the delicious and high protein foods. This practice is for those who want to do trade across the border as snails eating is common in foreign countries but they hold good medical value. It will not provide you with profit as soon the other methods will do because snail production is very slow and it can't speed up by artificial methods. But still, the profit is high compared to its low investment.




 ●        Herb Gardening:

If you are thinking that herbs are only used in medication then you are wrong because now the unique aroma, taste and flavour of herbs have increased its use in cooking. You can grow herbs in small pots and in your garden soil. The one thing which will help you in herbs gardening is that you should have a nice knowledge of different types of herbs and their values. As people are getting more inclined towards Ayurveda these days the herb gardening definitely appears as a business of worth.

.We have only mentioned some of the highly adopted practices. But in the present time if you want to do something unique and earn money then you have to go behind the unconventional or unusual ways. As different modern methods of farming are getting high appreciation nowadays.



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