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Automation in Agriculture

    Automation in Agriculture


The effective use of technology in agriculture can result in the huge upsurge in output at the same time will decrease the manual input of farmers. Automation is one such effective technique that has tremendous potential to contribute to agriculture and transforming the farming sector.

Technologies that are being used in farm automation are:

Harvest Automation

Harvesting fruits and vegetables is always been a tedious task to perform. Also, it consumes an ample amount of time. Therefore, to sort out this issue, Agrobot has developed the first robot for gently harvesting of strawberries. The robots designed for harvesting purpose should be very gentle in order to avoid any kind of damage to plants and fruits. Later on, Abundant Robotics also designed a robot that collects apples.

So, the automation in harvesting can lead to save a lot of time and energy of our farmers. Also, the problem of shortage of labours will also be solved.


Autonomous Tractors

Autonomous tractors can be controlled by a remote or are pre-programmed to give full automation in operation. It has increased efficiency and reduces cost. Also, many companies have developed tractor automation kits, these kits are even more accessible at the same time efficient. The kits can be directly fitted in the existing tractors of farmers. So it also helps them to lower financial burden.


Automation in Seeding and Weeding

Robots designed for this specific task of seeding and weeding have the ability to work on a particular required area. The benefit of the specific area leads to save pesticides up to 90%, as it prevents unwanted wastage of chemicals. Also, with the help of computer vision and robotics technology, robots are able to remove weeds without affecting the actual crop.

The technology saves time as well as escort farmers from poisonous chemicals like pesticides.



Drones are very beneficial in spraying Pesticides and fertilizers from above. Moreover, they also help us to examine problems with imagery and infrared analysis and can put a lid on that particular issue. The technique is very prompt and saves manual labour and time of farmers.

Advantages of Automation in Agriculture

Consumer Benefits

Nowadays, consumers precedence is shifting toward organic and sustainably produced products. With the proper use of automation gadgets like robots and drones, the final product passes through less number of contacts and therefore, is more hygienic and safer than which involves manual labour at every step.


Safeguards Environment

With the help of drones and robots, an adequate amount of pesticides is being sprayed which leads to maintain the fertility of the soil and saves our environment from various degradations that are caused by the excessive use of these fertilizers.

So, the sustainable use of automation technology can save your time, money and energy to a great level. At the same time, you will observe a tremendous upsurge in your output. So, use them effectively and efficiently to go with the growing trend but at the same time, you should also keep in mind that none of your action should harm the environment because that can result in more severe results.



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