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7 Tips to Increase Your Soil Fertility

    7 Tips to Increase Your Soil Fertility

7 Tips to Increase Your Soil Fertility

Maintaining soil fertility is one of the important tasks in the life of a farmer as good health of soil can ensure good yields of crops. So here are 7 important tips that can help you increase your soil fertility.


       1.Summer ploughing

Ploughing the farms usually across the slope during the season of summer when the field is empty can provide numerous benefits to the soil as it opens the pores for aeration, prevents erosion and increases the water-holding capacity of the soil. It also kills the larvae, pupae and eggs of pests, and growing fungi on the field. 


        2.Regular Soil Testing 

Regular soil testing can tell you about the nutrients that are deficient in your soil and the crops that are fit for your soil. Once you know about the true condition of your soil you can provide the nutrients that are required by your soil to maintain the balance of nutrients.


         3. Use organic fertilizers and pesticides

Using organic matter instead of inorganic matter can save you from the side effects of chemical fertilizers and pesticides that gradually degrade and poison your soil.


        4.Growing cover crops along with crops

Growing cover crops like oats etc. along with your crops can help you in maintaining quality, water and fertility of the soil. As they cover up the soil they also prevent your soil from pests, weeds, erosion, and overexposure to the sun.


        5.Crop Rotation

Rotation of crops on the same field can increase the self-reliance of soil by checking the depletion of one set of nutrients and controlling the pest and weeds. 

The crop set is specifically designed according to season and soil needs which reduces its dependence on external fertilizers, the possibility of growth of resistant weeds and improves the soil texture.



Intercropping is growing multiple crops on the same field to support each other and maximize production. Crops are specifically chosen to complement each other based on the size, roots, nutritional requirements and probable pest attacks. It helps you to increase your yield and organic matter of your soil.


           7.Proper use of tillage

Improper use of tillage can result in lowering your yield and degrading your soil. But its proper use can do wonders as it can help you to reduce erosion, prevent pests and weeds, and increases water holding capacity of your soil. So make sure you carefully use tillage in your field.

           Make sure you take care of your soil and use these tips to take care of your soil.




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