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"Best applications for farmers assistance."

    "Best applications for farmers assistance."

"Best applications for farmer's assistance."

With Time and human intelligence, the technological journey has gone through many incredible achievements. And as its result now farming is not only limited to that few hectares field it has expanded its region.

Farmers can now take the help of some astonishing applications for better results. There are many applications made for farmers and agriculture but some of them have caught our attention because they are really amazing.

Here is the brief information about those brilliant apps:


●        Agri App: Smart Farming application for Indian agriculture



The sole purpose of this app is to help farmers in sustainable agriculture in both ecological as well as economical perspective. This app also provides information related to crop protection, crop production and smart farming. The application comes with great features such as

1.      Chat with experts.

2.      M-commerce(buy crop solutions).

3.      Crop calendar.

4.      POP's (complete information regarding crops that too from the first stage of farming).


●        AgroStar Kisan Helpline: Made in India



 Similar to its name this app provides help to the farmers for various issues. The best thing about this app is that it's available in 11 regional languages which ensure better understanding. The top features of this application are-

1.      Krishi Charcha.

2.      Weather Forecast for your farm.

3.      Agriculture Information and advisory.

4.      AgroStar Agri-Shopping.


●        BharatAgri-Best agriculture App Made in India



This app mainly focuses on better yield production. One of the most trusted apps among farmers. This app allows farmers to deduct the cultivation cost and also let farmers use other facilities like-

1.      Soil testing.

2.      Season-long personalised crop advisory.

3.      Weather forecast and prediction.

4.      Weather forecast crop advisory.

5.      Schedule video calls by agriculture experts.


●        Krishi Network: Agriculture app for Indian Kisan


You can earn better revenue through this app as it is an effort to connect farmers and markets of India with the help of the Internet. The app lets you use the following features-

1.      Fasal salah.

2.      Mandi bhav tracker.

3.      Weather forecast.

4.      Kisan news.

5.      Relevant information regarding plant security, smart farming and growing of different crops.


●        IFFCO Kisan-Agriculture App



 This app not only focuses on something specific but it covers a wide range of topics from different and effective methods of farming to selling and purchasing of crops.

For the comfort of farmers, this app provides information in 11 Indian languages. This app comes with a variety of facilities like-

1.      Market place.

2.      Helpline.

3.      Gyan bhandar.

4.      Ask our experts.

5.       Agriculture advisories.

6.      Mandi price and weather information.

Through these apps, farmers can increase their productivity, efficiency and these apps will also help them to save their time and extra efforts.

Happy farming!!



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