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Escorts Agri Machinery sold 4,860 tractors in July 2019 Down 13.4% Vs 5610 units (YOY) tractor july 2019  .jpeg

Domestic sales fell 17.8 percent to 4,505 units. Export sales shot up 179.5 percent to 355 units.

Faridabad, August 1st, 2019: Escorts Ltd Agri Machinery Segment (EAM) in July 2019 sold 4,860 tractors against 5,610 tractors sold in July 2018.

Domestic tractor sales in July 2019 at 4,505 tractors against 5,483 tractors in July 2018. Export for the month of July 2019 at 355 tractors registering a growth of 179.5 percent as against 127 tractors sold in July 2018.

Sales figure are as follows:
Particulars JULY YTD (4M)

  FY20 FY19 % Change
Domestic 4,505 5,483 -17.8%
Export 355 127 179.5%
Total 4,860 5,610 -13.4%


  FY20 FY19 % Change
Domestic 24,627 29,422 -16.3%
Export 1,284 682 88.3%
Total 25,911 30,104 -13.9%

*From October 2018 onwards, sales to Nepal and Bhutan has been included in the export

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