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Top 10 Tips That Will Boom Your Vegetable Production

    Top 10 Tips That Will Boom Your Vegetable Production

Top 10 Tips That Will Boom Your Vegetable Production

It’s not always about big things sometimes taking small and necessary measures while farming can result in a good yield while on the other hand ignoring these small aspects can even result in a futile mistake. So here are a few tips for you to keep in mind to increase your yield while farming vegetables.


1.Improve your soil quality

Good quality of soil will lead to good yield so improve the quality of soil by adding organic matters and provide proper nutrients to your soil.


2.Regular soil testing

Make sure you get your soil tested regularly to know the nutrients that are deficient in your soil. So, that you can provide those nutrients to your soil and maintain the balance of nutrient of your soil.


3.Select your crop wisely

Choose your crops based on the topography, water availability, weather conditions and quality of the soil.It is important to keep these points in your as selecting a wrong crop may end up in your loss.


4.Use good quality seeds

The quality of seeds you use is directly proportional to your yield. Use seeds with good quality and good strength as they tend to grow faster, stronger and more efficient.


5.Plant early

If you are sure your soil is ready don’t wait for the planting season to arrive instead plant your crops early. Planting your seed early usually results in increased yields.


6.Proper irrigation and water drainage system

Make sure you have proper water supply to water your plants but at the same time having a proper drainage system is also important as an excess of water can also harm your plants.


7.Feed your plants

Feed your plants by using organic matters and fertilizers as providing them with extra and essential nutrients can help them grow faster and more efficiently.



Planting multiple crops together that have different nutritional values can help you maintain the balance of nutrients in your soil and can also keep a check on weeds. Make sure you select compatible plants while interplanting crops.


9.Keep an eye on weeds and pests

You need to keep a keen eye on pests and weeds so that you can take proper measures on time to save your crops from damage.


10.Leave proper space between plants

Make sure that there is enough space present between your plants to ensure that they get proper sunlight and nutrients.

Hope that you keep in mind these small yet necessary aspects and have a booming vegetable yield.


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