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Useful Equipment for Small Scale Farming

    Useful Equipment for Small Scale Farming

useful equipment to make your small scale farm more productive are your work easier.

Every sector is leading its way towards mechanization and so is agriculture. Farm mechanization not only saves your time but also saves your energy and makes your work more efficient. So, here is some useful equipment to make your small scale farm more productive are your work easier.




From carrying agricultural loads to using implements, a tractor does it all. The most important and useful machine in your agricultural operations but also prove to be an asset for the farmers.


2.Broadcast seeders


They are used to spreading seeds in the farm. They are available in form of small handheld seeders and also larger versions that can be fit in the three-point hitch of your tractor as an implement.


3.Combine harvester


It's a big machine which combines various agricultural processes like reaping, threshing, winnowing together and do it all together. It's is used to harvest various grain crops.


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4.Mowers and scythe


Mowers are usually used to cut Grass and small plants in your garden and farms.Scythe is handheld equipment used for this process.


5.Irrigation system


Irrigation refers to giving the required water to your fields. It's of 4 types namely Surface, sprinkler, drip and subsurface.

For small scale farming drip irrigation, micro-irrigation and sprinkler systems of various types are mostly preferred.




It is a hydraulic implement used with a tractor for making holes in the ground. Crawlers, dragline backhoe, suction backhoe, skid backhoe and long reach backhoe are the type’s backhoes present in the market. You need to get one that is suitable for your work.




Sprayers help you with the application of herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and compost tea in your farm. There are many types of sprayers present in the market like ATV, boom, boomless, etc.




Harrow is another tractor implement that helps you in breaking up, smoothing out and levelling your soil. It too has many types like disc harrow, spike tooth harrow, patella, guntaka, etc.


9. Ploughs


It is another implement used for the loosening of the soil before sowing of seeds. It helps in breaking of big chunks of soil into small grains to make it suitable for sowing.




A cultivator is again an implement used with the tractor. It helps you with the loosening of the soil and preparing it for sowing seed by creating seed beds. It can also help you to get rid of weeds but only before plantation.

Get the equipment according to your needs and suitable for field and get ready to have a booming production.

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