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Aquafarming: The prospects and challenges you didn't know about.

    Aquafarming: The prospects and challenges you didn't know about.

Aquafarming: The prospects and challenges you didn't know about.

Aquafarming is the breeding, rearing and harvesting of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatic plants etc. It is also known as aquaculture. The practise is enhancing with a great pace day by day. But there are certain problems that may become very severe if you do not have any idea about them.

Among such problems the five major problems that come in Aquafarming are as follows


Deep green pond water

Due to the excessive amount of phosphorus, algae starts growing in water which turns the water deep green. Moreover, warm water and calm climate give favourable condition for the growth of algae. Excessive algae formation leads to lack of dissolved oxygen in water which can be very dangerous for aquatic life.



Red Layer on pond water

When the content of iron in water crosses a prescribed limit then a red Layer is formed on the water surface. It may also occur due to Euglenoid algae. This will result into shortage of food and oxygen for aquatic life.



Black mud at the bottom of the pond

Due to the accumulation of feed and organic matters, the bottom of the pond converts into the black colour. It then produces several toxic gases which are harmful for the aquatic life.



Ammonia in excess

Ammonia goes into the water through different processes like excretion of fishes, decomposition of organic matters, and ammonium fertilizers. It is harmful as it increases the level of dissolved carbon dioxide and disturbs the pH level of water.



Hydrogen Sulphide

When the chemical reduction of organic matter takes place, Hydrogen Sulphide is produced. Unionised hydrogen suplhide is very dangerous for fishes and therefore it should be controlled by frequently changing the pond water.

Aquafarming is a farming that needs a significant amount of care and attention. Your one small mistake can lead you towards huge loss. The loss will be of aquatic lives as well as amount you would have invested in it. So, please be careful in all situations and specially keep all the above points in mind to prevent any severe situation. Because if you focus and concentrate for that particular duration then definitely your hard work will be paid off. Therefore, regular check up and assessment of your farming is must and do take steps very promptly if something unwell noticed.



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