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"Farm Animals Vaccines"

    "Farm Animals Vaccines"

Animals play a crucial role in agriculture. And that's why there is a need for proper animal care in agriculture. Farm animals are prone to disease through viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. So, it is necessary to have proper knowledge about vaccines of farm animals. They help animals in creating defensive cells in their body to fight against the infection or diseases causing substance.


What is the vaccine?


Just like human beings, animals also need proper vaccination. Vaccines are designed in such a way that they contain a substance which is similar to the disease-causing microorganism and its surface is of proteins.

Types of vaccines:

Mainly, two types of vaccines are used for farm animals named as Modified-live vaccines and killed vaccines.


Modified vaccines are made up of virus which will not cause any disease in the animal but it will build the immune system in them.


Killed vaccines consist of dead viruses and bacteria which produce defensive bodies in animals.


What is the need for vaccination?


●        Vaccines help in stopping the spread of zoonotic disease.


●        Because of proper vaccination, the threat of disease in animals gets reduced.


●        There are fewer side effects in vaccination than some other ways.


●        Increases the lifetime of farm animals by creating a strong immune system in them.


Points one should keep in mind:


●        Follow the vaccination schedule properly as it is helpful in proper treatment of disease.


●        Always use the high-quality vaccine and store them according to the instructions mentioned.


●        Choose wisely between modified and killed vaccines. Like in the case of pregnant animals, killed vaccines are preferred because they don't have side effects.


A needle should be handled carefully at the time of vaccin

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