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Natural Farming - a zero budget farming

    Natural Farming - a zero budget farming

Natural Farming - a zero budget farming

Natural farming is one of the farming techniques that focuses on ecological balance. It was introduced by a Japanese farmer named Masanobu Fukuoka.

In fact, according to Fukuoka's principles, it is not just a technique but a way of looking at ourselves as a part of nature. We should not consider ourselves detached from nature as it will result in the negative consequences.

The principle strictly supports No-tillage, No fertilizer, no pesticides or herbicides, No weeding, and No pruning. The farming promotes the idea of making nature a front line player and us as an apprentice in the process.

Due to the growing hazards, our day to day agricultural practices are giving to the environment, Natural farming is adopted by a lot of people in India also. The same key principles are followed everywhere and below is the detailed description of all principles.



Before sowing, tillage is performed but is disturbs the natural process and invites the growth of weeds that are harmful to our crops.


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No pesticides

Nature has its own way of dealing with various pests and diseases and to further prevent them one can use natural pesticides like cow urine so that the chemicals present in pesticides do not degrade the soil.


No Fertilizers

Fertilizers us the major cause of pollution and we should avoid using it as it will have a dangerous impact in the near future.


Advantages of Natural Farming

●     Farming reduces physical labour to a great extent.

●     Also, it leads to maintain soil fertility.

●     The yield obtained from natural farming is free from any kind of contamination and hence very safe for consumption.

All its principles result in less economical input and therefore, with proper guidance and techniques the farming can be converted into the zero budget farming which is practised in various districts of India efficiently. Farming not only saves your money but also saves our valuable environment which is a dire necessity. All such practices that promote sustainable growth and development should be adopted by a significant amount of people seriously.

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Mahindra sales down April 2020      


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