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Everything you want to know about Greenhouse Farming

    Everything you want to know about Greenhouse Farming

Everything you want to know about Greenhouse Farming

As we are already facing a global crisis, which has made us realise that we should be ready for any kind of change in the surrounding. With the unpredictable change in weather conditions, it is difficult for farmers to do farming according to the same old methods.

Hence, it is better to include modern methods of farming to maintain the desired environmental conditions for plants. And greenhouse farming can be the perfect solution to this Problem.

What is greenhouse farming?


In simple words, we can understand greenhouse farming as farming inside a greenhouse. A greenhouse is a room-like structure built from glass, plastic, polythene, wood, etc The transparent material of greenhouse helps in controlling the environmental conditions inside it.


Why one should think about greenhouse farming?


●        Greenhouse acts as a shield for crops and plants from the excessive heat and cold which can damage them.

●        You will enjoy more and better yield than the normal as plants will nourish in a suitable environment for them.

●        It also helps in the reduction of chemicals, fertiliser and pesticides use. And protect the crops from diseases.

●        You can grow flowers all around the year. And it's an undeniable fact that the price of floral plants is high.

●        It makes the farming of herbs, vegetables, medicinal plants possible for the whole year.

●        One also get to enjoy various greenhouse subsidies by the government.

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What are the best crops for greenhouse farming?


Mostly vegetables and flowering plants are grown in greenhouse farming such as tomato, capsicum, rose, carnations, lily, etc.


Points one should know about greenhouse farming:


●        The pollination in greenhouse farming is not that good because natural pollen carrier like a bee wanders less in the greenhouse.

●        One has to do constant monitoring of the greenhouse structure.

●        Setting up and maintaining the greenhouse structure requires a lot of expenditure which can be quite expensive.


There are some incredible advantages of greenhouse farming but it also demands care and management to work properly. Before directly getting into it try to figure out a minimum loss plan.

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