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"7 new and major policies by the government for the agriculture sector."

    "7 new and major policies  by the government for the agriculture sector."

"7 new and major policies by the government for the agriculture sector"

India being an agriculture-dependent country requires new government policies on agriculture according to the present need of farmers. Recently, the government has come up with some important policies mentioned below-

●        Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana(PMKSY)-

This policy was launched in 2015 with a 'har khet ko pani' as a tagline. Under this scheme, the government focuses on water conservation, irrigation methods and the key of this policy was to promote drip irrigation such that farmers can make the most of a drop of water. Jal Sanchay forms the big part of this scheme so that farmers can use rainwater for farming.

●        National Agriculture Market(e-NAM)-

The purpose of this scheme was to provide farmers with an online platform where they can sell their goods. Because of this farmers are able to enjoy good prices for the yield and this competition also encourages them to grow the best quality crops.

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●        Soil Health Card Scheme-

The state government provides farmers with a soil health card which will help them in getting the status of their soil and on the basis of which they can improve its quality by adding the required nutrients to it.

●        Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana(PMFBY)-

This scheme is designed so that the government can provide insurance and financial assistance to the farmers. It helps in giving financial stability to the farmers in case of crop failure or something unfavorable.

●        Micro Irrigation Fund(MIF)-

Under NABARD government has issued Rs.5000 crore for micro-irrigation. The government wants people to add micro irrigation at their farms and for which government will provide help to the interested.

●        National Mission For sustainable agriculture -

Its name completely reflects the vision behind this policy. It focuses on encouraging farmers towards sustainable agriculture, integrated farming, and the scheme is part of the National Action plan on Climate change. Three main agendas of this policy are-nutrient management, livelihood diversification, and water use efficiency.

●        Parampragat Krishi Vikas Yojana-

This scheme is the step by the government to promote organic farming among local people. The target is to cover 5 lakh acres of land on which organic farming is done and to ensure that people are asked to form groups. The government will help them in doing organic farming.

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