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"Everything you need to know about the brakes in the tractors."

    "Everything you need to know about the brakes in the tractors."

Everything you need to know about the brakes in the tractors.

Whenever someone looks for the best tractor for himself, specifications play an important role in making a decision about it. Most of the time we don't understand things properly because of a lack of information regarding it.

When it comes to the tractor braking system is as important as other aspects. And if you are looking for a guide about the brakes and its types, then here is all the information about it.


What are the brakes?


As you already know that brakes are used to slow down or stop the vehicle similar it's used to stop or slow down the tractor while working. Brakes also help in turning the tractor in fields.

Basically, the concept of friction is used in the braking system. A stationary object is used to stop the moving object as when both objects collide due to frictional force, the moving object is either slowed down or stopped.


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What are the various types of brake used in tractors?


Mainly, two types of brakes are seen in tractors and they are-Mechanical brakes and Hydraulic brakes.


There are three different types in Mechanical brakes too such as -


●        Internal expanding shoe type

●        External contracting shoe type

●        Disc type


Hydraulics brakes are now present in modern tractors(generally) because it can be controlled through steering but still in some models, Mechanical brakes are also used. External contracting shoe type brakes are usually used in crawler tractors.


What is the required braking efficiency in a tractor?


One should prefer the braking efficiency of 50-80% as it is enough for a brake to do its work and it is safer also. Brakes of this efficiency stop the tractor at a suitable distance and it also doesn't prove to be a danger to the tractor, operator and doesn't cause the bending or any kind of accident.

If we use brakes of higher efficiency then they do stop the tractor in a fraction of minutes but the sudden stoppage can be dangerous for the operator and as well as for the tractor.

You should go for the brakes type and braking efficiency according to your requirements. Hope so now you know brakes in tractors a little better.

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