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"Everything you want to know about the steering of the tractors."

    "Everything you want to know about the steering of the tractors."

"Everything you want to know about the steering of the tractors."

We are well aware that the big ring in front of the seat is steering. But it is not the complete introduction of steering. And maybe its role is more than just changing the direction of the vehicle. Let's just know everything about the steering of the tractors.


What is the steering and what role it plays?


The main role of the ring in front of the driving seat i.e.steering is to change the direction of a moving vehicle and it is done with the help of a number of links and it also ensures direction stability of the tractor. Good steering is one which can change the direction without doing much damage to the tractor's wheels.


What is the steering system?

 The whole system which handles the angular motion of front wheels in tractors comes under the steering system. It decreases the load of the operator in turning the tractor. Basically, it converts the rotatory motion of steering in changing the angle of wheels to turn the tractor. The system consists of the following-


●        Steering wheel

●        Steering shaft

●        Steering gear

●        Drop arm

●        Drag link

●        Steering link

●        Tie rod

●        Kingpin


What are the types of steering?

In tractors, you will come across two types of steering with variations and they are- Mechanical Steering and hydraulic steering. Power steering is also coming in new tractors nowadays.


What steering ensures other than a directional change of tractor?

 Steering not only changes the direction of a tractor but it also ensures the wheel alignment and safety which in return gives a lot of benefits like-


●        Better Handling:

You can handle a tractor confidently if the wheel alignment is good.


●        Better tyre life and service:

The better alignment of the tyre and smooth working of steering ensures less damage to tyres in tough conditions.


●        Better fuel efficiency:

Because of this other system in tractors works in coordination and hence increases the fuel efficiency.

From all this, we can say steering not only helps you to operate it but it also controls the tractor and its performance.




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