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"Artificial Rain: The new way of rain."

    "Artificial Rain: The new way of rain."

"Artificial Rain: The new way of rain."

India being a diverse country has a complex monsoon pattern according to the land position. Around 26 March 2019 42% land of India was facing drought and each year the data of farmers suicide due to irregular and improper monsoon increases.

The need for time is an adaptation of new and modern scientific methods to solve this issue. Of course rainwater harvesting, effective irrigation methods are helpful but some parts of India need extra support and Artificial rain can be that support.

Let's just clear your questions about the artificial rain one-by-one.


What is artificial rain?


As the word itself is made from two words -'artificial' and 'rain'.So, it is quite clear that it means rain through artificial ways i.e. we create certain conditions with the help of external agents to create rain.


Why should we choose for artificial rain?


Most of the time we have seen that there are dark -black clouds over a place but then also there is no drop of rain in that area. And here comes the need of artificial rain. When the water vapours go to the lower layer of atmosphere i.e.troposphere where all the condensation process takes place, sometimes during the merging of vapours in order to turn into drop some ice formation takes place. And this ice formation stops them from water condensation to liquid.

And in artificial rain by adding a substance like dry ice, silver iodide, salt powder, etc we help the ice in drops to get converted into liquid and hence this all results into artificial rain. The process of adding external agents is known as cloud seeding and it is done through aeroplane.


What steps are involved in artificial rain?

 We can simply divide the whole process of artificial rain into 3 steps such as-


●        Agitation:

It includes the use of chemicals like ammonium nitrate, calcium oxide, urea compounds, etc to absorb water from the atmosphere and to generate more clouds.


●        Build up stage:

Here we use other substances like salt powder and dry ice to increase the density of clouds.


●        Cloud seeding:

As mentioned earlier, this process is carried out with the help of aeroplane to spread the external agents to fasten the condensation of the loud.

And then after the completion of steps, you can enjoy the rain.

This process is effective but at the same time it is quite expensive and hence, the government and other institutions should help farmers in using it or they should come up with new policies and ideas which will make it less expensive.




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