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Everything You Need to Know About Sugarcane Harvester

    Everything You Need to Know About Sugarcane Harvester

Everything You Need to Know About Sugarcane Harvester

If you are a farmer whose one of the main crops is sugarcane then harvesting sugarcane can be really tiring work for you. And if you are searching for something that can save you from this hard work then Sugarcane harvester is the perfect thing for you. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Sugarcane harvester is a machine that helps you in harvesting and partially processing your sugarcane crop. It cut your sugarcane from the base then removes its top, cut the stalks into billets and stacks them in a wagon hence, doing all the work that should be done at the time of harvesting.


Advantages of Sugarcane Harvester

  • Saves labour

Harvesting of sugarcane on a large scale usually requires a lot of skilled labours but if you have a sugarcane harvester you hardly need anyone except a person who knows how to operate a Sugarcane harvester. This can turn out really useful at the times of crisis like Covid-19 when it is hard to get marginal labours.


  • Saves Money

It only requires one-time investment and regular maintenance. Since you don’t need any marginal labour it means you don’t have to pay them hence, It saves the money that you might have to pay to your marginal labours.


  • Saves Time

It requires way less time to harvest your sugarcane crop than required by you or the labours and increases your farm efficiency.

There are different types of harvesters some are combine-harvesters that doesn’t need to be attached to a tractor while there are some which are used as a tractor implement. Here are some known sugarcane harvesters.

  • New Holland Autosoft Harvester 4000 Double Plus Series

Price – 9200000

Combine harvester


·Shaktiman Sugarcane Harvester 3737

Price – 8500000

Combine harvester


·New Holland Cast Iron Sugarcane Harvester

Price – 556000

Used as a tractor implement

Sugarcane harvester is a boon for sugarcane farmers. It saves your time, labour, and money hence, increasing the productivity and efficiency of your sugarcane farms.

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