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How profitable is the bamboo farming?

    How profitable is the bamboo farming?

How profitable is the bamboo farming?

Among the numerous types of farming bamboo farming is also a front runner. The most important factor is it doesn't require a wetland, it can also grow in dry land and can flourish in any soil type, therefore the two major factors are already resolved in case of katanga bamboo farming.


There are several questions that come to an individual's mind before starting any farming. These can be what resources are required for setting the framework, How long it will take to Cultivate?, How profitable it will be? etc. Here we have tried to answer your question How profitable is bamboo farming?


According to an agricultural scientist Namby, katanga Bamboo farming is one of the most profitable at the same time eco-friendly farming. Moreover, it just not only grows without harming nature but reduces various other hazards that are caused by several polluting activities. It consumes the carbon dioxide in a great amount and hence decreases the upsurging level of carbon dioxide which is very dangerous for our mother earth.


Namby did research in tissue culture and also experienced bamboo farming. As per his personal experience and research, Namby stated that for a 10 acre cultivation area, an investment amount of about ₹3.5 lakhs is required for the first year, for the second year amount hikes to around ₹4.50 lakhs. The harvesting begins in the third year with a yield of about 297 tonnes of bamboo farm in the 10 acre land. From the fifth year onwards the yield becomes constant with 400 tonnes.


 With proper attention and hard work, a person can earn ₹60lakhs - ₹80 lakhs from the bamboo plantation which is pretty high than the sugarcane and rice cultivation for the same area of land.


The Bamboo plantation gives a satisfactory amount of profit but at the same time it requires time and you must have that much patience to indulge in this farming. There are several types of bamboo that you can opt to grow as per your choice and demand. It is also preferable to do bamboo farming as it is used in a variety of works and hence there is little scope of witnessing a decrease in its demand.


It is majorly used for construction purpose, medicinal purposes, for making jewellery items, for scaffolding etc. Therefore, if you want to try this unique farming then you should definitely as it can prove very beneficial for you.



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