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Top 5 most expensive tractors in the world and know what sets them apart!

    Top 5 most expensive tractors in the world and know what sets them apart!

Top 5 most expensive tractors in the world and know what sets them apart!

Ever wondered how the world’s most expensive tractors look likes and what makes them different from other tractors?

Here are the Top 5 most expensive tractors in the world and their features that make them and stand out and worth their price.



1.Case IH Quadtrac 620 

Price- Rs 45264730


Case IH Quadtrac 620 comes with a powerful six-cylindered, 12900 cc engine of 620 HP. It is equipped with a HI-eSCR emissions technology and a live independent system integral PTO with transmissions that makes it fuel-efficient and comfortable for the operator.


2.Case IH Quadtrac 580

Price- Rs 43705400

Case IH Quadtrac is equipped with a six-cylindered, 12900cc engine that generates a power of 580 HP. It has most of the features the same as the Case IH Quadtrac 620 tractor as it is of the same series. These tractors are designed to precisely increase the productivity of your large farm.


3.Case IH Quadtrac 540

Price- Rs 42075590

It too comes with a six-cylindered, 12900cc engine but with an HP of 540. This is again a tractor of the same series as Case IH Quadtrac 620 & 540 and has most features similar to them. The comfort, massive power and latest technology provided by these tractors make them worth their price.


4.John Deere 9620RX

Price- Rs 40216720

John Deere 9620 RX comes with a Cummins QSX15 engine with an HP of 620 HP and a total displacement of 14900cc. It comes with a Command View III cab that provides you with supreme comfort, visibility and easy automatic controls. As well as it has a 3-point hitch and Command Center that helps you easily control and boost your productivity.


5.New Holland T9.700

Price- Rs 40014100

New Holland T9.700 is equipped with a very powerful engine of FPT Cursor 13 Two-stage Turbo that provides an HP of 682 HP. It comes with a Continuously Variable Transmission and two choices of traction that gives you versatility, strength and ultimate power without compromising on your comfort.

These are just a few features of these amazing tractors; there are a lot of other features that make these tractors different and worth their price.


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