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Firstly know well about your tractor. Does it run on diesel fuel or gasoline?

Once you’ve identified the type of tractor.

 Make sure to note all abnormal symptoms of your tractor.

There may be many symptoms in your tractor which show that the tractor engine is not working properly. Some of the common symptoms are:


1. Engine Won’t Turn Over


If an engine fails to turn over, the battery may be the cause of the dysfunction. Check the battery’s cables for damage and corrosion of the terminals. If the battery is dead, take it to a tractor sales supplier for testing, service, and replacement.Inspect your battery terminals and cables, and test the battery. If you don’t have a load tester hand, you can pull the battery out and take it to nearly any auto parts store .


2.Engine Starts, Then Stops


If an tractor engine shuts off a few moments after it starts, there may be something in the fuel tank. Tractors run on diesel fuel. Gasoline in the tank could cause a problem because it ignites different diesel ignites under compression, so when the piston compresses the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder, it automatically ignites..

First, check the fuel filter and the fuel lines running from the tank to the engine. A clogged fuel filter or fuel lines can prevent the diesel from getting to where it needs to go, effectively choking off your engine’s energy supply. Cleaning or replacing your fuel filter is often all you need to clear out the obstruction.

Another fuel-related problem could be the fuel control lever on the engine itself. If it’s jammed closed, it will keep the fuel from getting to the engine even if the fuel filter is clean.


3.Engine Overheats


If your engine overheats, it’s likely an issue with the cooling system. Wait until the engine cools down, and check the radiator for coolant. Use a 50/50 blend of antifreeze and distilled water to replenish the resource. 

Do not ever try to open your radiator cap when the engine is hot. The coolant gets pressurized, in addition to being very hot, and can send your cap flying while scalding you with hot steam.

You can blow off the radiator’s fins with compressed air if they’re dirty or muddy. Dirty fins keep the radiator from being able to lower the temperature of the coolant effectively but make sure you don’t bend any of the fins while you’re cleaning it off.a


Last but not least fifth position in this list is occupied by a country with a great history in agriculture named India. Here a large part of its population is dependent on the agriculture sector as a source of income and that contributes up to 15.4% in the country’s GDP. This country produces a variety of different crops like wheat, rice, millets, pulses, tea etc. and is especially known for its jute.

These countries show how the mechanization of farming while practicing sustainable farming can lead to such tremendous produce and can also lead to further growth in production.


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