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Types of Biofuels and their importance

    Types of Biofuels and their importance

Types of Biofuels and their importance

Biofuels are the fuels that are produced by plant or agricultural waste. In general, the waste that has biological origins makes biofuels farming. Biofuels are renewable sources of energy and are eco friendly in nature. The hiking prices and harmful effects of several non-renewable sources of energy like petrol, diesel has created a situation to switch to other forms of energy that are cheaper and do not harm the environment.

There are various types of biofuels and are listed below.


Ethanol Fuel

Ethanol is widely used for a variety of purposes and is produced through the fermentation of sugars and cellulose or starches by the action of microorganisms and enzymes.

Fuel is the best alternative to gasoline and can be used in gasoline engines.



Syngas is formed by a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen or any other hydrocarbon, through the partial combustion.

Syngas can be used directly in internal combustion engines, high-temperature fuel cells, and turbines.



Biogas is methane that is formed by an anaerobic reaction of biological waste like cow dung, plant leaves, crop waste etc.

It can be recovered by the mechanical biological treatment waste processing system.



It is produced from oils and fats through transesterification. Biodiesel has almost the same composition as that of conventional diesel. Animal fats, vegetable oils, soy, rapeseed, jatropha, mahua, mustard, flax, sunflower, palm oil, hemp, field pennycress, Pongamia pinnata and algae are used as a raw material for manufacturing biodiesel.


Bio ethers

These are created from wheat or sugar beets and increase engine performance by decreasing its wear and tear. Bio ethers are found in a variety of forms.


Importance of Biofuels

●     Biofuels are a renewable source of energy.

●     They are eco friendly in nature and hence help in the preservation of the environment.

●     These fuels are cheaper as compared to the non-renewable source of energy.

●     Prevent various health hazards that are caused by other sources of energy.

●     They help in the reduction of the greenhouse effect.

●     While burning they don't produce sulfur or aromatics and hence no unpleasant smell is associated with the use of biofuels.

Therefore, biofuels are the best alternative for the non-renewable sources of energy and can be used for multiple purposes more safely and conveniently.


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