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Fertigation - an efficient method in agriculture.

    Fertigation - an efficient method in agriculture.

Fertigation - an efficient method in agriculture.

Fertigation is the system in which fertiliser is provided along with the irrigation. The irrigation method adopted in this system is usually drip irrigation. The Fertilizer solution is provided to crops through irrigation. In this type of method, liquid fertilizer, as well as water-soluble fertilizers, are used.


Fertilizers that can be used in Fertigation

●     The phosphorus acid can be used in fertigation as it is available in liquid form while solid phosphorus is not suitable for fertigation as it makes precipitation of phosphate salts.

●     Urea, potash and highly water-soluble fertilizers are suitable to use in fertigation method as they do not result in undesired result through fertigation.

●     Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo can also be supplied to crops along with special fertilisers.

●     Fertilizers like mono ammonium phosphate, poly feed (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium), Multi K (Nitrogen and Potassium), Potassium sulphate are some special fertilizers that can also be used as they are highly soluble in water.

So, above is the list of chemicals that can be used in the fertigation system. Also, there exist a list of numerous other chemicals that you can get easily from any agricultural department.


Advantages of Fertigation

The Fertigation system has various advantages that can encourage an individual to adopt this efficient method and some of its benefits are listed below


●     The method prevents unnecessary wastage of nutrients as it supplies in a very systematic manner which saves about 30-40% of nutrients from getting waste.

●     Also, the combined system of irrigation and fertilisation save about 50% water.

●     A large amount of labour is reduced by incorporating this method, which is required for irrigation and fertilisation.

●     Also, the fertigation technique provides water and nutrients evenly to crops, it will increase the total yield of up to 25%.

●     The system supplies water and nutrients in the most active root zone and hence results in the greater absorption by the crops.


With the advancing time and technology, advancement in agriculture is also necessary. It just not only saves our time but also give us better yield. Therefore, we should mould ourselves with the time to compete in this competitive world.

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