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Top 5 Absolutely Effective Ways to Double Farmer's Income

    Top 5 Absolutely Effective Ways to Double Farmer's Income

Top 5 Absolutely Effective Ways to Double Farmer's Income

Today the main focus of the government is to double farmer’s income by 2022 so that it can improve the status and lifestyle of Indian farmers. It will also encourage farmers to do their job more efficiently and attract the youth of the nation towards agriculture that will result in the development of the agriculture sector of India. So, here are 5 tips that can surely help farmers to increase their income.

1.Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry can be a very good second source of income for farmers as it is a reliable source of income. Not only cows and buffaloes but rearing other animals like sheep, goat, pig and donkey can be really profitable for farmers. And nowadays even the government is supporting animal husbandry and providing subsidies for the rearing of animals.


2.Adopt apiculture

Apiculture another name for beekeeping can be very profitable for farmers. As the honey produced has very high demand in the market and it doesn’t require much space for the production so, it can be done simultaneously with farming. It only requires proper training and skills to earn a good profit that you can easily get at different training centres.


3.Adding value to crops 

Potato is sold at maybe Rs 40 /kg but the same potato chips cost Rs. 400 /kg. This is how value is added to the crop. Processing the crops and making them market-ready not only increase the prices by multiple folds but also expands your market limits. Various Government and non-government projects like mid-day meals can use these processed products directly from the farmers, which would open up new industrial aspects for farmers of India.


4.Bio-fuel market

From the waste produced by bovine animals to organic wastes of farming, they all have the potential to be converted into biofuel that can be used by various households and even industries. Various countries have adopted biogas for the production of electricity; such things can easily fulfill the energy shortage faced by our country. The government can implement schemes with subsidies to encourage farmers to process their organic wastes for Energy production and providing nutrients to their crops as manures.


5.Creating a rural industrial system

Small scale farmers of a village can team up to create small scale rural industrial systems for the production of small commodities like bags, sanitary napkins, etc. with the help of big organizations which will create an additional income to them along with providing an employment opportunity for rural women. Such industrial chains have a large potential in countries like India and with proper nurturing and training, they can boost employment opportunities in multiple folds.

Not only these but properly educating farmers about their soil, crops, proper irrigation techniques, and farm mechanization can also lead to an increase in their income.



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