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Everything you need to know about raised bed farming

    Everything you need to know about raised bed farming

Everything you need to know about raised bed farming

Raised bed farming is a technique where you grow your crops on the beds that are 8-12 inches higher from the ground. There are usually two types of raised bed farming the first is where permanent raised beds are made by covering the sides from woods or plastic usually used for small-scale farming while in the other one temporary beds are made and it is usually used for commercial farming. If these beds are made at proper distance and orientation it can provide you with many advantages and these advantages are listed below –


  • Provides a good drainage system

If you lie in an area with heavy rainfalls or if you have poor and rocky soil then you don’t need to invest much in the drainage system, Raised beds for your crops will do the work. It will prevent any type of surface water blockage and erosion of soil by water.


  • Maintains the temperature of the soil in cold regions

If you live in a very place with cold climatic conditions then raised beds can provide the warmth required by the plants for their growth. As there is sufficient space between different beds it helps the warm air in spring to warm the soil quite fast and provide the plants with the required warmth.


  • Prevents compaction of soil

Since there is an ample amount of space between the beds you can easily walk in your field even just after irrigation without the fear of compaction of the soil. Hence, raised beds can help you prevent compaction of the soil.


  • Makes the growing season of plants longer

As it warms up the soil faster and provides a good drainage system it makes the soil ready for plantation much before than the real-time. And improves the growing time of plants hence, providing you a good time to grow your crops well.


  • More plants can be planted in the less space

It can grow more plants in a particular space than compared to in-ground beds. Hence, it enables you to grow more plants in the same space.

If you are going for raised bed farming make sure you have a proper irrigation system as in this technique the water drains out really fast and requires more frequent irrigation than compared to in-ground beds. And if you are successful in properly managing your raised bed farms you will surely increase your productivity.




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