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Magazines are a very important source of getting updates about the daily happenings around the world. They do not update about the daily news like newspapers.

These use text , pictures and depict the message to us. Agriculture magazines are also similar and serve the same purpose. They tell the readers about the latest updates in technology around the globe.

The famous Agriculture Magazines are:


It is a monthly magazine on agriculture mechanization and one of the leading magazines on agriculture technology domain, published by RK MEDIA AND COMMUNICATIONS from India and circulates its 15,000 hard copies among major Agriculture Professionals of all over India and e-magazine covers 350,000 worldwide internet readers.


It is a semi-technical, bi-monthly magazine in English

It was started in 1956 to give information about the new techniques of raising vegetables, fruits, and flowers. It covers the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, flowers, gardening, landscaping, plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic plants. Consists of sections for research, aesthetics, technology, prospects, and a column on genetic diversity. Special issues are also brought out on topical subjects.


(monthly magazine in English)

Most authoritative and popular farming magazine in India since 1940. It covers all aspects of farming in varied agro-climatic conditions all over India -Crops, animals, poultry, fish, agricultural technology, extension, agricultural economics, and agricultural policies. The aim is to present scientific information in a popular style to the progressive farmer and people interested in the application of science to day-to-day problems to farming. It has editorial pages, articles, and book reviews. Two special issues are planned every year. One in October on 'World Food Day' and another on any special occasion; accent issues are also brought out on subjects topical.


Agriculture Today has continued to have a successful run over the years, due to its rich content and its unique and visually appealing presentation of important information. The magazine has evolved to become a highly meaningful and ideal platform for sharing comprehensive data on the market and industry, economic and policy issues, scientific advances, new agri-input products, new technologies, and latest news and analysis on the developments in agriculture.


Agriculture is the backbone of rural India. Much emphasis is required to transfer the scientific technologies/information to farmers and policymakers. The Indian Farmer is a monthly magazine with ISSN number 2394-1227 publish scientific articles from all branches of Agriculture, Veterinary, Home Science, and Fishery Sciences.


Some Magazines by the Ministry of Agriculture are:

  • Agriculture Extension Review (English)
  • Krishi Vistar Samiksha (Hindi)
  • Agriculture Situation in India
  • Kurukshetra (Monthly)
  • Intensive Agriculture (English)


Other Agriculture Magazines Include:

  • Yojana (Monthly) (AgriExam.ecom)
  • Indian Journal of Extension Education
  • Agriculture Research
  • Vegetable Science
  • Fertilizer News
  • IFFCO News
  • Farmer and Parliament
  • Indian Dairyman
  • seed Research

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