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Know about ridge and furrow system of farming and its advantages

    Know about ridge and furrow system of farming and its advantages

Know about ridge and furrow system of farming and its advantages

In an agricultural country like India, it is important to make farmers aware about various techniques that can increase their crop productivity and improvise their water management skills. In ridge and furrow type of farming in which alternate ridges and furrows are made and crops are planted in the ridges that are on little above soil platforms than the ground level. 


Advantages of ridge and furrow system:


  • Saves time required for irrigation

This technique requires less time for irrigation than compared to the normal one. Not only it saves your time but this technique makes irrigation easier and simpler for you.


  • Saves water

Using this can save up to 30% water that makes this technique more water-efficient for farmers.


  • Ensures proper drainage of the soil

Since the crops are planted on a little higher platform compared to the ground level it ensures proper drainage as the excess water goes down in furrows.


  • Simplify management weed

The weeds in this process usually grow in furrows that can be easily mechanically or manually removed from the farm hence, reducing the use of herbicides in your field.


  • Reduces crop lodging

It reduces crop lodging as at the time of using fertilizers and pesticides you can just walk through the furrows or mix them with water and put in your field. It will save your crops from getting lodged.


  • Reduces soil compaction

Since you have the furrows to walk in the field the soil near the roots of your soil can be saved from getting compact which results in proper growth of crops.


  • Improves crop productivity

This technique is found to increase the crop productivity of our field by 5-10% compared to the normal farming technique.


  • Easily warm-ups the soil in cold regions

Since the air can easily flow in the furrows it easily warms the soil near the roots in the spring season. It is especially useful in cold regions.

We at TractorGyan hope that this technique turns out to be useful for you and increase your productivity.


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