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Terrace Farming: A way to grow your own food at home

    Terrace Farming: A way to grow your own food at home

Terrace Farming: A way to grow your own food at home

Have you ever thought about eating organic and safe food? Have you ever dreamt of growing your own food? Have you ever thought about doing farming at your own home?

And If the answer to all the questions is yes. Then, Terrace farming is the best option for you to do all these.

Many people are choosing Terrace farming to produce their own food. Terrace farming will not only enhance the beauty of your Terrace but you will get your own garden which will produce chemical-free food. There are other advantages also like:

●        Quality food:

As you are the grower so it completely depends on you what you want to grow and how. You can add the required minerals and nutrients to the soil. And as you don't want to grow them for the market so the use of chemical fertilizers and other things will also be minimum.

●        Fresh food:

Now you can eat fresh food just after taking it down from the plant and you also don't need to go to the market to buy food. And fresh food is not only rich in nutrients but also it has more water quantity.

●        Use of kitchen waste:

You don't have to buy compost, you can create the compost right at your home from the fruit coverings and vegetable waste. And the addition of organic manure and compost in the soil is a nice way of growing healthy food naturally. It will also help in decreasing the food wastage.

●        Clean surrounding:

We all know green plants help in keeping the atmosphere clean. And in this time when air is highly polluted then having a clean surrounding is very important. So having a garden at your own Terrace is just like having an air conditioner with an air purifier.

●        The barrier to heat:

Terrace farming will work as a temperature control system for you as it will help in keeping your Terrace cool by absorbing heat so that you can enjoy at your home in hot weather also. If you are thinking of starting a Terrace farming then at first choose easy and simple types of plants which you can grow with minimum resources and the one which also doesn't cover much space. Once you get handy with growing plants then go for any variety of plants which you wish to grow.

And make sure to do the proper analysis of your terrace, especially make sure which space has sunlight exposure and which space has no sign of sunlight because some plants need to be kept in light and some in the dark so it will help you manage your garden.

Give a try to Terrace farming and enjoy fresh quality food!


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