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John deere
5045 D Power Pro 4WD

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John deere


5045 D Power Pro 4WD



Cooling System


Wheel Base

1950 MM

Lifting Capacity

1600 KG

Engine Cylinder


John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD, as the name, states is a very powerful tractor that comes with a 45 hp and 2100 rpm with 3 cylinders engine. It has a dry-type, dual-element air filter which helps to increase the lifetime of the engine. This John Deere tractor has a maximum lifting capacity of 1600 kg with a fuel tank capacity of 60 L. John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD has an excellent control mechanism as it has oil-immersed disc brakes with power type steering and huge front tire of 8.0 x 18 (0.15 x 0.41 m), 8 PR and rear tires of 13.6 x 28(0.31 x 0.71 m), 12 PR. John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD also offers some optional accessories like ballast weight, canopy, canopy holder, drawbar, tow hook, and wagon hitch. This tractor has some special features which make it different from others as it has water separator, digital hour meter, mobile charging point with holder, underhood exhaust muffler, hydraulic auxiliary pipe, finger guard, planetary gear with a straight axle

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Review By: Arish     14-08-2020


ये अच्छा तर्कटर है बहुत मुझे काम मे भी मदद हो जाती ह इससे इसके इंजन खूब दमदार है इसका बरेअक स्टीयरिंग गियर वगैरह सब बढिया चल रहे हैं मैन 6 महीने पहले ही लिया और बोहयत काम हो जाता मेरा इससे

Review By: Rohini     17-07-2020


It gives a good mileage and it is easy to use with the help of power steering. It saves my time and do lot of my work. I am using it from a long time it is also easy to maintain and i got it for a good price it has a comfortable seat and its engine works really nicely.It is a powerful tractor.