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L3408 4x4

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  • Kubota L3408 4x4 Tractor On-road Price in India. Kubota L3408 4x4 Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos
  • Kubota L3408 4x4 Tractor On-road Price in India. Kubota L3408 4x4 Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos




L3408 4x4



Cooling System

Liquid Cooled

Wheel Base

1610 MM

Lifting Capacity

906 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Kubota L 3408 is a powerful 34 hp range tractor that offers unmatchable performance, multi usability excellent profitability these qualities altogether make this tractor a perfect choice of farmers. This tractor is lightweight which adds more to its efficiency and its operator friendly design gives farmers an amazing driving experience. This tractor supports a variety of special implements to optimize different farming applications. Kubota l 3408 is a tractor that is specially designed for puddling operations, this Kubota tractor is 4WD tractor that can easily handle rice paddy and spraying operations and can run in any type of farms easily. Let us talk about this tractors special features in details This Kubota 3408 tractor model comes with an integral power steering that provides smooth handling of the tractor and prevents farmers from getting fatigued 4WD feature of this tractor gives less turning radius and the equal power is transferred on each wheel and watertight seals make this tractor suitable for paddy fields. Kubota l 3408 special DI engine gives more power and durability with less maintenance. Kubota l 3408 tractors newly designed single-piece bonnet allows easy cleaning and maintenance This tractor offers shuttle transmission which can even complete big jobs easily , this transmission offers 8 forward and 4 reverse gears which allow you to select different speeds for different operations. This Kubota tractor offers a large fuel tank of 34 liter which ensures longer working hours For more details and Kubota l 3408 tractor price kindly contact us.

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Review By: Mettina     23-07-2020


This is a very good Tractor. I am using this tractor for 8 months. It gives excellent driving comfort. It can be used for all farm applications and with many implements. It runs well on muddy and rocky roads as well. It has very good lifting capacity and fuel tank capacity.