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8049 2WD

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  • Preet 8049 2WD Tractor on road price in India. Preet 8049 2WD Tractor features specifications and details
  • Preet 8049 2WD Tractor on road price in India. Preet 8049 2WD Tractor features specifications and details




8049 2WD



Cooling System

Water Cooled

Wheel Base


Lifting Capacity

2400 KG

Engine Cylinder


Hello, this post has been made available for our Farmers who may need genuine direction on their quest for tractor caps should profit them the best. This post will provide you with all the info you need to know about the well known Preet 8049 2WD tractor.

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Preet 8049 2WD Tractor Engine – Kya baat Kya baat

Preet 8049 2WD Tractor is a 80 HP Tractor made with great precision to rule in Inan fields. It comes with a powerful engine of 3067 CC to give you a superior driving experience. Not only this tractor comes with a great toughness but it also comes with 4-cylinders to provide you with great power along with superb toughness.

Preet 8049 2WD Tractor Features – Sabse Khaas

  • Preet 8049 2WD comes with a Heavy Duty,Dry Type Dual Clutch and this improves its capacity and makes it outstands in its field.

  • Preet 8049 2WD tractor comes with an option to choose between Multi disc oil immersed brakes that provide it with a viable grasp and it also prevents slippage.

  • It has an exceptional mileage with a fuel capacity of 67 Lit that results in longer working hours.

  • Preet 8049 2WD has both Mechanical and Power Steering options and 12 Forward + 12 Reverse Gear Box.

Preet 8049 2WD Tractor Price - Daam mein Raahat

Preet 8049 2WD Price in Ina starts from  XX and ranges  to XX Lakhs. Preet 8049 2WD is economic and affordable in the given scope of highlights and subtleties.Preet 8049 2WD not only comes with a package full of detailed specifications but it also comes with a very nominal price range. Preet 8049 2WD is filled with power-packed performance and designed carefully to fulfil all the needs of a farmer.

The above data has been given to you by the Tractorgyan for the most extreme advantage of our farmers.

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