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Tiger-DI-47 HDM+

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Tiger-DI-47 HDM+



Cooling System


Wheel Base


Lifting Capacity

1800 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series is a 47 HP category tractor with 3 cylinders, 3065 cc engine at a rated RPM of 1900.  Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series comes with Dry-type Air Filter for superior filtration. Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series equipped with Constant Mesh gearbox with 12 forward and 12 reverse gear options. Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series comes with 6 Spline type PTO with a speed of 540, reverse PTO RPM. With advanced hydraulics automatic draft control and control valve of Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series Tractor. Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series equipped with Hydrostatic Power steering makes the operator easy to operate. The Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series is robust in design and comes with superior stability. Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series comes with 2 WD or 4 WD.

Sonalika DI 47 Tiger is designed according to Indian land, weather, crops, etc. so it is a good tractor for the Indian farmers. It has the exceptional quality to boost your productivity on the farm. Sonalika DI 47 Tiger is a tractor for the next generation because it has next-generation features as it comes with a 3065 cc coolant-cooled powerful engine capacity that generates 1900 engine rated RPM with 50 hp and 3 cylinders. Sonalika DI 47 Tiger also has a dry-type air filter.

Additionally, Sonalika DI 47 Tiger manufactured with 12 forward + 12 reverse constant mesh side shift gearboxes with 39 Kmph forward speed and has an optional single/dual-clutch. It also has multi-disc oil-immersed brakes and a hydrostatic steering type. It comes with 1800 kg of hydraulic lifting capacity which is appropriate for almost all implements like cultivator, rotary tiller, harrow, plow, and many more. 

Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Tractor's Feature-Sabse Khaas

  • Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series is 1800 kg of lifting capacity which is suitable for a variety of implements such as a cultivator, rotavator, plow, planter, and others.

  • Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series is a Multi-purpose tractor that can be used for both agriculture and commercial applications.

  • Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series fitted with Single or Dual types of clutch options feature comes in very handy during the use of rotavators and other agricultural implements / makes clutch action very smooth and power loss to a minimum extent with more durability.

  • Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series equipped with Multi-Disk oil-immersed Brakes which helps the tractor stop easily and easy to maintain.

  • Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Series is fitted with 6.5 X 16 / 6 X 16 Front Tyres and 14.9 X 28 Rear Tyres.

  • Sonalika Tiger 47 hp is 50 HP.

  • Sonalika Tiger 47 engine rated RPM is 1900 RPM which is very powerful.

  • Sonalika Tiger 47 engine Capacity is 3065 CC.

  • Sonalika Tiger 47 steering is Hydrostatic(Steering).

  • Multipurpose Selective DC Valve

  • Constant-mesh Gearbox With Side Shift

  • Dual Clutch With Reverse PTO

  • Radiator Overflow Reservoir

Sonalika DI 47 HDM+ Tiger Tractor's Price-Daam me Rahat?

Sonalika Tiger 47 tractor on-road price is Rs. 6.50-6.80 Lac.Sonalika DI 47 Tiger has accessories like hood, bumper, top link, tool, and hook. Sonalika DI 47 Tiger price is very appropriate for the Indian customers because it easily fits in the budget. So, buying a Sonalika DI 47 Tiger is a great deal

The above data has been given to you by the Tractorgyan for the most extreme advantage of our farmers.

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