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841 XM

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  • Swaraj 841 XM Tractor On-road Price in India. Swaraj 841 XM Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos
  • Swaraj 841 XM Tractor On-road Price in India. Swaraj 841 XM Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos




841 XM



Cooling System

Water Cooled with no loss tank

Wheel Base

1935 MM

Lifting Capacity

1200 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Swaraj 841 XM is a powerful tractor in the category of 42-45 hp. This swaraj tractor's engine is specially designed to deliver more power and at the same time saves more fuel. Swaraj 841 XM 4 cylinder fuel-efficient engine consumes less fuel and provides extra benefits to the farmer. Because of swaraj 841 XM compact and lightweight design, this tractor is suitable and recommended for sandy soil farms and operations involving sandy soil. Swaraj 841 XM is installed with specially designed sensilift hydraulics which ensures its smooth and efficient working in smooth and sandy soil. These sensilift hydraulics are fitted with an updated and improved control valve which helps in maintaining uniform depth in seed drilling and potato plantation Swaraj 841 XM has an amazing lifting capacity of 1200 kg by which it can easily lift heavy loaded trollies and perform various operations with heavy implements. Swaraj 841 XM is loaded with other special features that give maximum benefits to the farmers of India. These features include : Dual-clutch system for reliability and easy PTO operations. Oil-immersed brakes ( OIB ) which provide braking efficiency, reducing maintenance cost and provide longer life to brakes. Equipped with low force hydraulic levers which ensure smooth lever shifting hence giving more comfort to the farmer. This swaraj tractor comes with bigger 13.6 x 28 size for better grip on soil which in turn prevents slipping of the tractor during field operations.

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Review By: Nitesh     17-08-2020


kaam keemat mein eek dum badhiya tractor hain humare bde papa ke pass hain ye to bilkul kisan ke dost ki trh hain sare kaam chutki mein kr deta hain bs ye dikhne mein thoda acha hota to mje aajate

Review By: Deepak     23-07-2020


40 HP श्रेणी में बढ़िया ट्रैक्टर है साहब, स्वराज के ही दूसरे मॉडल से अच्छा है। सारी सुविधाएं आपको इसमें मिल जाती है उतना ही बढ़िया ये प्रदर्शन करता है। सारे फीचर अच्छे किसी में कम नहीं है। एवरेज भी बढ़िया पॉवर तो अच्छी देता ही है। ढुलाई में काम आता है किसानों के लिए तो बेहतरीन विकल्प है।