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960 FE

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  • Swaraj 960 FE Tractor On-road Price in India. Swaraj 960 FE Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos
  • Swaraj 960 FE Tractor On-road Price in India. Swaraj 960 FE Tractor features and Specification, Review Full Videos




960 FE



Cooling System

Water Cooled with no loss tank, Oil cooler for engine oil

Wheel Base

2200 MM

Lifting Capacity

2000 Kg

Engine Cylinder


Swaraj 960 FE is a powerful tractor lying in the range of 55-60 hp, its unmatchable power is capable of doing any kind of farming tasks easily. Swaraj 960 FE power max 60 engine generates 220 Nm of torque at 2000 rated rpm, the power max 60 engine gives a lot of benefits to farmers like EGR technology equipped non-turbo engine, In-line fuel injection pump and large size radiator which gives excellence cooling capability. Apart from its Powermax 60 engine swaraj 960, FE comes with lots of new and latest features including : Stylish Digital instrument cluster for better visibility and convenience for farmers even in the night. Dual-clutch which provides easy and fast gear shifting to farmers. Side shift gear lever which improves engagement of gears and provides more leg space to farmers. Sensilift hydraulics with an amazing lifting capacity of 2000 kg and also gives an unmatchable performance while working with implements like Reversible MB plow, potato planter & heavy-duty cultivator. PTO with multiple forward and reverse speeds that provide high rpm at PTO hence saving fuel on various farming applications like Genset, thresher, and alternator. DCV ( Direction Control Valve ) which improves the operations involving external hydraulic implements. Power steering giving ease of turning and comfort to farmers.

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Review By: Raghav     19-08-2020


eek dum majboot tractor hain humare seher mein to sb iss tractr ke fan hain iski mileage bdi achi aur engine bhi chlane mein bhi bhut aaramdayak hain eek dum first class tractor hain

Review By: Deepak     24-07-2020


तकतभर ट्रैक्टर है तो हर काम में करता है। इंप्लीमेंट सारे चलते है इससे रोटावेटर बड़ा, पलाउ प्लांटर सब चला सकते है इससे। थेशर के लिए भी बढ़िया है ट्रैक्टर खेत में आराम से किसी भू जामीन पर जुताई करों कितनी ही देर काम करो फ्यूल टैंक 60 लीटर कैपेसिटी है आराम से काम करो। ट्रैक्टर का एवरेज ठीक ठाक है इस श्रेणी के हिसाब एक नंबर मॉडल है।


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