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Swaraj 744 XT

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Swaraj 744 XT



Cooling System


Wheel Base

2096 mm

Lifting Capacity

1700 kg

Engine Cylinder


Swaraj 744 XT comes with a new powerful and fuel-efficient engine with the highest displacement and torque in its category. With features like a Directional control valve and 1700 kg lift capacity, it works efficiently with implements such as laser leveler, MB Plough, and Tipping trolley. 744 XT Tractor has the comfort and convenience features to keep you smiling even during the longest days; the engine power and hydraulic capacity to take on hard-to-handle chores and the quality of engineering, assembly, and components are very good.

Swaraj 744 xt hp power is a 48 HP Tractor. Swaraj 744 xt cc engine capacity is exceptional. This combination is very nice for the buyers. Swaraj tractor 744 xt has a clutch, which provides smooth and easy functioning. Swaraj 744 XT steering is awesome for that tractor get easy to control and fast response. The tractor has wonderful Brakes that provide high grip and low slippage. swaraj 744 xt new model mileage is economical in every field and has a 2 wheel drive option. These options create it sensible for implements like cultivator, rotavator, plough, planter, and others.

Swaraj 744 XT tractor which is equipped with advanced features like Multidisk Oil-immersed brakes options, a bigger radiator, powerful 3 cylinders, 3478 cc engine which produce 52 HP of Power at rated RPM of 2000. The Swaraj 744 XT delivers exceptional performance, never before experienced features, versatility, and high reliability in any operation making Swaraj 744 XT tractor ideal all over India. Unique features also include an engine with torque backup up to 15 to 20%.  Swaraj 744 XT is available in 2 WD. The Swaraj 744 XT is suitable for more than 30 applications inducing the demanding applications of TMCH, Loader, and Dozer, etc.

The Swaraj 744 XT is also available with the Constant Mesh gearbox which makes Swaraj 744 XT very easy to perform agricultural operations and commercial applications. Power steering, deluxe seat, toolbox with bottle holder, and a best in class display unit add to the operator comfort in the Swaraj 744 XT. The Swaraj 744 XT gives 540 7 540 reverse PTO Speeds which is useful for applications like rotavator and many more and Swaraj 744 XT gives a PTO power output of 44 HP. Swaraj 744 XT fitted with 60 liters of Diesel tank. 

Swaraj 744 XT Tractor's Feature-Sabse Khaas
Swaraj 744 XT can be accessorized with a Drawbar, Tow Hook, and wagon hitch from the factory itself.
Swaraj 744 XT equipped with the 3 stage Oil bath type air filter with Pre cleaner to boost engine performance.
Swaraj 744 XT equipped with 8 Forward Gears 2 Rear Gears as per standard.
Swaraj 744 XT is fitted with a Dual type of clutch makes a tractor easy to operate in each agricultural operation.
Swaraj 744 XT tractor on-road price is very economical. 
Swaraj 744 XT hp is 48 HP.
Swaraj 744 XT has an engine rated RPM which is very powerful.
Swaraj 744 XT engine Capacity is exceptional.
Swaraj 744 XT steering is awesome.

Swaraj 744 XT Tractor's Price-Daam me Rahat

The on-road price of Swaraj 744 XT in India is ? 7.37 to ? 7.72 Lakh.Swaraj 744 XT Tractor has a lifting capacity of 1700 kg.  Swaraj 744 XT 7.5 X 16 Front tyres and 14.9 X 28 Rear tyres fitted. Swaraj 744 XT has Gear Box. It has a superb lifting capacity which can easily elevate heavy implements. 

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